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Soapstone Countertops


Welcome to Houston's Leading Soapstone Company

THE SLATE COMPANY COUNTERTOP & FLOORING,INC is one of the leading company in countertop fabrication and tile instalation in the USA.

Our countertops are either hand custom made or fabricated with state-of-the art countertop fabrication machines in the industry.

In making countertops we use soapstone, granite, slate, marble, travertine, limestone, acid stained concrete, mosaics, stainless steel and copper.

We custom make soapstone sinks, soapstone countertops in Houston Texas. Our soapstone is a premium soapstone which comes in a light grey color and turns dark greenish black color once you mineral oil it. Our soapstone slabs sizes range between 95inch * 55 inch and comes only in 3cm thick material. Most of our soapstone slabs comes from select soapstone quaries in Brazil and Finland.

We our proud to be best soapstone distributor and fabricator in Texas, and we are able to make custom made soapstone furniture such as soapstone table tops, soapstone cutting boards, soapstone desk tops,and also we custom make soapstone fireplaces, custom made kitchen countertops, custom made vanity tops, custom made bar tops, and many other beautiful soapstone products.

We deliver soapstone slabs anywhere in the USA and CANADA, also we custom make soapstone kitchen countertops and custom made sinks.

for more info please call our sales office in Houston at (713) 780.0054 or 1.888.21.SLATE.


Nationwide Delivery




PHONE: (713) 780.0054 . Toll Free: 1.888.21.SLATE . Fax: (832) 565.1100.




Soapstone, also known as steatite, is a metamorphic rock . It tends to be a very soft rock, and is therefore easily worked into forms such as bowls, pipes, or figurines. Many Native Americans once used soapstone to make cooking vessels because of the ease in carving and the fact that it holds heat well. This occurred primarily during the Late Archaic period, between 3000 and 5000 years ago. Soapstone was a very important commodity. Soapstone pots were traded far from their origins. The manufacture and trade of soapstone objects was probably the first industry in the southeast! In many parts of the world, including Brazil, soapstone cookware is widely used because of it's unique qualities.
Soapstone has also been used for foot and bed warmers before there was central heating, and continues to be used for carving of artistic objects, fireplaces, kitchen coutertops and many other items. Some of the same outcrops have thus been quarried by people on and off for as much as 5000 years!

Please note that there are two different kinds of stone, popularly called soapstone; Talc, which is a softer stone, used for carvings, and Steatite, wich is harder than Talc, used for countertops, fireplaces, ovens and etc. Brazilian Soapstone for carving(Talc) is known to be the preferred carving stone of the Inuit(Eskimos), because of it's unique patterns, colors and soft








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